The type of business that promises in the future

Here are promising business opportunities in the future according to your interests and expertise.

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  1. Catering
    Catering is a business that never ends. Nowadays, more and more people use catering services for various events such as proposals, social gatherings, thanksgiving, or just office staff lunches.
  2. Online courses
    have expertise in a particular area? There’s nothing wrong with you trying a promising business in the following future. Online course business is a business that can be done at home with more flexible time. You can offer courses related to school subjects, foreign languages, to specific skills courses such as knitting.
  3. Laundry
    Just like catering, laundry is also a business that until now has never died and is increasingly needed by many people. This is more profitable if you live in an urban area where the majority of the population is too busy working and rarely has free time.

Without requiring any special skills, this promising future business requires only an area to dry clothes and a small fee to buy a washing machine, detergent, and deodorizer.

  1. Make-up service
    The next promising type of business in the future is to open a make up artist service. The MUA business has been in the spotlight lately, especially since the increasingly diverse make-up styles have made people compete to give the best results.
  2. Food trucks
    Initially, food trucks came from abroad and were used to sell ice cream. However, along with the times, food trucks are now starting to develop and function to sell various culinary delights, from drinks to heavy meals.

Without the need to rent a shophouse with a lot of expenses every month, you only need to turn your vehicle into a food truck as a promising business opportunity in the future. The advantage is, you can move the place of sale wherever and whenever you want.

  1. Wash shoes
    For some people, washing shoes is quite a difficult thing to do, because special techniques are needed to make shoes really clean like new. You can take this opportunity to open a shoe washing service in your area.

You don’t need a lot of capital, you just need to buy shoe washing equipment. Of course, the shoe washing business can also be done at home

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