3 Ways To Dispose of Confidential Information

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Both businesses and individual people have the need to destroy confidential information from time to time. Depending on the type of information and how it is stored, the methods used to effectively destroy it can vary. Paper can be completely destroyed using burning or soaking methods, while hard drives require more effort.

1. Shredding

Shredding can be an effective method of disposing of confidential information. Both paper and electronics like hard drives can be destroyed by the use of shredders. Depending on the volume, it may be useful to contact a company that specializes in hard drive destruction Boston MA to have it done by a third party. Shredders built for commercial and personal use vary in quality. If the paper is only cut into long strips, it can be put back together. Using a shredder that cuts papers into small pieces is a more secure option.

2. Burning

Each region has its own regulations regarding the use of incinerators or firepits. Check with the state and local laws before deciding to burn confidential paperwork. If there are no issues with using fire to destroy documents, then burning them can be a great way to ensure information does not get stolen.

3. Soaking

Water weakens most types of paper within a day or so. After the papers have been soaking for long enough, they can be swished around inside the container they are in until they are broken up into unreadable scraps. Chemicals may be added to speed up the process, but they are not necessary as long as time is not an issue.

Disposing of confidential information does not have to be a difficult process. Find a method that works well for the situation and utilize it. Make sure that the chosen method works well at keeping the information out of the wrong hands.

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