Fox BusinessDescription: In America the Toy Fox Terrier is known as Amertoy or Toy Terrier. The plot construction of The American President is nothing new, and the screenplay itself is much from masterful. But what makes this film so successful is the way in which the solid breathes life into the dialogue. Michael Douglas, as President Andrew Shepard, exhibits the viewers why he’s a Hollywood titan. His presidential demeanor is a West Wing prelude which ought to make Martin Sheen proud, yet his interaction with Sydney Ellen Wade and his daughter Lucy (Shawna Waldron) paint a human image of a tough political character. The other half of the equation, Annette Bening, performs her function to perfection as properly, transforming from the rough political creature of a tough-nosed Washington lobbyist to a giggly school lady swept off her toes by an amazing guy (who, incidentally, happens to be the president).

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