Why You Must Consider Domain Registration and Web Hosting Together

For any new website that you create, you will need a domain name and domain hosting where your content will be live. Some people often like to keep separate providers for each, but choosing both consecutively would be a much better option.

Remember that domain and hosting are the two most important aspects of a website. A domain is generally an address people provide on their browser to gain access to your website while hosting is defined as a space on the server where you store all your website’s information.

In this article, you will get an idea about why you should consider domain registration and web hosting on a consecutive basis.

What is Domain Registration?

Domain registration is the process of registering your site name so that it can be used on the Internet. After the name is registered, it is searched on the domain name servers and then connected to your web browser, which lets you see the contents of that location.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is defined as renting a space on the internet so that you can store all your files and servers in one place, making it easily accessible. Companies mainly rent out services and technologies to host your website on the Internet. Once you have chosen your domain name and have signed up for a hosting plan, your website becomes easily accessible on the internet.

Why You Should Choose Domain Registration and Web Hosting Together?

1.      Cost-Effective

Purchasing a domain name and domain registration hosting package can save you a good amount of money. With the same provider, there is always a good chance of your cent percent of problems being sorted from start to end.

This depends on the type of provider that you choose and also vests on the hosting plan. Make sure that you choose a provider who gives you a good deal on domain and hosting together.

2.      Saves Time

Having domain registration and web hosting together will save you time and allow you to focus on other important tasks for your business.

3.      Flexibility

Having the same domain registration and web hosting provider allows you to be completely flexible when it comes to upgrading your plans. Your hosting provider will understand your priorities and can easily notify you about renewals, upgrades, and new plans if necessary.

4.      Seamless Management

For consumers with more than one website, combining domain registration and web hosting would be a feasible solution because it would be easy to manage everything under one single account.

5.      Single Point of Contact

When domain registration in Singapore and web hosting are taken together, you can rely on a single point of contact to manage all your technical issues. Your support team will have a clear understanding of your domain and hosting setup that would regulate faster and more efficient problem-resolution solutions.


The Singapore domain registration and web hosting serve as the basic foundation for improving your online visibility.

Remember that when you use web hosting services, your web host is responsible for making sure that your server is up and running and, at the same time, also hosts the job to prevent all sorts of security breaches and store all your files, assets, and databases on the server.  

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