13 Places to Spend Your Thirsty Thursdays in Columbus

13 Places to Spend Your Thirsty Thursdays in Columbus

If you guys are anything like us, you can’t always wait until the weekend to have a cold beverage and enjoy the night out. We totally support those pre-weekend party people and have put together a guide to the hottest Thirsty Thursday spots around town. Don’t just frequent your local pub this week, experience the fun of a Thursday night in Columbus with help from the pros.

13. Bernard’s Tavern

Karaoke Night
$5 Jameson and Jameson Caskmates

Starting at 7:00pm

11. Standard Hall

TBT Party
$1 Hotdogs
$5 Boozy Lemonade

$3 drafts and $1 Boozy pops always available on the Connects Columbus App!

10. Balboa

Tequila Thursday: 1/2 off all 125 tequilas
Free tequila tastings

9. Two Truths

Live Jazz Every Thursday

8. Brother’s Bar & Grill

$2 U Call It’s

7. The Market Itallian Village

Oyster Thursdays

6. Union Cafe

$4 Long Island Iced Tea’s

5. Woodlands Backyard

$3 Import Beer

4. Skully’s

Ladies 80’s Night

3. Juniper

Rooftop Bar is open to the public on Thursdays and has the best view of the skyline

1. Park Street Cantina

$3 Long Islands after 7:00pm
Half Off Bottles of Wine 4:00-9:00pm PM

Buy a bucket of beers and get FREE nachos, only on the Connects Columbus app

These 13 places are just a handful of the awesome spots you can spend a Thursday evening. For more information on these options and for even more places to browse, check out the Connects Columbus app to discover all of the happenings around Columbus.

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